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Crafts of India

Crafts of India Prasad Bhog Thali Indian Hindu God Rituals Puja Plate. Set of 5 Pieces, (Plate, Katori, Glass, Spoon) for Offering Bhog Prasad to Thakur Ji

Crafts of India Prasad Bhog Thali Indian Hindu God Rituals Puja Plate. Set of 5 Pieces, (Plate, Katori, Glass, Spoon) for Offering Bhog Prasad to Thakur Ji

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The "Crafts of India Prasad Bhog Thali" is an exquisite and purposeful ensemble meticulously designed for Indian Hindu God rituals and puja ceremonies. This particular set, comprising five essential pieces, is specially crafted for the devout act of offering Bhog Prasad to the deity, creating a spiritual and reverent experience. The set includes the following integral components:

  • Plate (Thali):

    • Design: The Thali is artistically adorned with intricate engravings and embossed patterns, reflecting the devotion and craftsmanship that have gone into its creation. These designs may include traditional motifs, auspicious symbols, or sacred patterns.
    • Material: Crafted from high-quality brass, the Thali exudes an aura of tradition and authenticity, enhancing the puja's spiritual atmosphere.
    • Purpose: The Plate serves as the central focal point for arranging and presenting the Bhog Prasad offerings to the deity. Its symbolic significance elevates the offering to a sacred act of devotion and gratitude.
  • Katori (Bowl):

    • Design: The Katori is thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the aesthetics of the Thali, featuring complementary engravings and detailing that contribute to the set's overall visual appeal.
    • Material: Made from the same brass material as the Thali, the Katori maintains a consistent and elegant appearance throughout the set.
    • Purpose: The Katori holds the Bhog Prasad, signifying the act of offering sustenance to the deity as an expression of reverence and devotion.
  • Glass (Panchapatra):

    • Design: The Glass features delicate engravings that seamlessly integrate with the design theme of the set, creating a harmonious and spiritually enriched ambiance.
    • Material: Similar to the other components, the Glass is crafted from brass, lending it a sense of tradition and authenticity.
    • Purpose: The Glass, or Panchapatra, contains water for ritualistic purification and symbolizes the gesture of hospitality and respect offered to the deity.
  • Spoon:

    • Design: The Spoon is thoughtfully designed with an ergonomic handle and a gracefully crafted bowl, reflecting the careful attention to detail evident in the set's overall design.
    • Material: Like the other items, the Spoon is made of brass, ensuring a coherent and elegant appearance.
    • Purpose: The Spoon plays a vital role in the ritual, allowing devotees to actively participate in the sacred offering by using it to distribute the Bhog Prasad to the deity.

  • Size: Diameter 5 Inches, Height 1 cms. Weight 70 gms of All 5 Items. This thali is made of Brass metal

In essence, the Crafts of India Prasad Bhog Thali set is a harmonious fusion of artistic craftsmanship and profound devotion. Each component has been carefully designed to align with the set's aesthetic theme and spiritual significance. As offerings are placed on the Thali, distributed using the Spoon, and presented to the deity, devotees engage in a sacred act of worship that embodies their deep reverence and connection with the divine. This set encapsulates the essence of Hindu religious practices, emphasizing devotion, gratitude, and the sacred bond between the worshiper and the deity.

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