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Crafts of India

Crafts of India Brass Kerala Samai Standing Deepak for Puja - Traditional Oil Lamp Diya Indian Engraved Deep Diwali Deepawali Kutthu Vilakku Pooja Return Gift

Crafts of India Brass Kerala Samai Standing Deepak for Puja - Traditional Oil Lamp Diya Indian Engraved Deep Diwali Deepawali Kutthu Vilakku Pooja Return Gift

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The Brass Kerala Samai Standing Deepak is a traditional and elegant craft from the southern Indian state of Kerala. This beautiful oil lamp, also known as a Diya or Kutthu Vilakku, holds significant cultural and religious importance in Hindu rituals and festivals, particularly during Diwali and other auspicious occasions.


  • Material: The Kerala Samai Standing Deepak is skillfully crafted from brass, a metal admired for its durability, radiant golden hue, and traditional significance in Indian culture. The use of brass ensures the longevity and authenticity of this diya.

  • Design: The diya features a unique and graceful design that showcases the artistic talent of Indian craftsmen. It consists of a tall, slender stem with intricate engravings and detailing that add to its beauty and aesthetic appeal. The lamp's base is wide and stable, providing support to the slender stem.

  • Functionality: The Kerala Samai Standing Deepak serves as a symbolic representation of spirituality and divine presence. It is used for lighting ghee or oil and a cotton wick, creating a steady and radiant flame that symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the spread of knowledge and wisdom.

  • Size: The Brass Kerala Samai Standing Deepak, as described, has a size of approximately 3 inches in length (L), 3 inches in width (W), and 5 inches in height (H). This size makes it a relatively compact yet elegant diya, suitable for various religious rituals, puja ceremonies, and festive decorations. 

  • Pooja and Diwali: This diya is an essential item in Hindu households for conducting daily prayers, auspicious ceremonies, and festivals like Diwali. During Diwali, people light rows of these beautiful lamps, illuminating their homes to welcome prosperity, happiness, and well-being.

  • Kutthu Vilakku Pooja Return Gift: The Kerala Samai Standing Deepak is also cherished as a thoughtful and traditional return gift during various ceremonies and occasions. Its cultural significance and exquisite design make it a meaningful and memorable present for guests and loved ones.

Cultural Significance: The tradition of lighting lamps, like the Kerala Samai Standing Deepak, holds deep spiritual significance in Indian culture. It symbolizes the dispelling of darkness, ignorance, and negative forces, and the ushering in of light, knowledge, and positivity. The practice of lighting lamps during festivals and celebrations is a way of paying homage to deities and seeking their blessings for prosperity and well-being.

Overall, the Brass Kerala Samai Standing Deepak represents the rich cultural heritage of India, showcasing the country's traditional craftsmanship and devotion to spirituality. Whether used in religious ceremonies, festivals, or given as a thoughtful gift, this diya holds a special place in the hearts of people, embodying the essence of Indian traditions and values.

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