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Crafts of India

Crafts of India Aum/ Om Prasad Bhog Thali Indian Hindu God Rituals Puja Plate Set of 4 Pieces, (Plate, Katori, Glass, Spoon) for Offering Bhog Prasad

Crafts of India Aum/ Om Prasad Bhog Thali Indian Hindu God Rituals Puja Plate Set of 4 Pieces, (Plate, Katori, Glass, Spoon) for Offering Bhog Prasad

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The "Crafts of India Aum/Om Prasad Bhog Thali" is an exquisite and spiritually significant ensemble designed for performing Indian Hindu God rituals and puja ceremonies. This particular set is specifically created for offering Bhog Prasad to deities, representing a sacred act of devotion and reverence. The set consists of four essential components, each meticulously crafted with attention to detail and cultural authenticity. The four pieces included in the set are the Plate, Katori, Glass, and Spoon. Here are the details of this set:

  • Plate (Thali):

    • Design: The Thali is adorned with intricate engravings and embossing that depict the sacred Aum (Om) symbol, which holds deep spiritual significance in Hinduism. The Aum symbol represents the eternal sound of the universe, encompassing creation, preservation, and transformation.
    • Material: The Thali is crafted from a durable and high-quality material, such as brass or stainless steel, which ensures its longevity and maintains its spiritual significance.
    • Purpose: The Plate serves as the central platform for arranging Bhog Prasad offerings. The presence of the Aum symbol enhances the sanctity of the ritual and adds a sense of divinity to the act of offering.

  • Katori (Bowl):

    • Design: The Katori is thoughtfully designed with matching engravings and detailing that harmonize with the Aum symbol on the Plate. Its elegant craftsmanship reflects the devotion and care put into the set's creation.
    • Material: Like the Plate, the Katori is crafted from the same material, maintaining a consistent and visually appealing aesthetic.
    • Purpose: The Katori is used to hold the Bhog Prasad, which consists of food offerings presented to the deity. Its design and symbolism contribute to the overall spiritual atmosphere of the puja.

  • Glass (Panchapatra):

    • Design: The Glass features subtle yet meaningful engravings that complement the Aum symbol, creating a unified visual theme across the set. These engravings may depict floral patterns, sacred symbols, or auspicious motifs.
    • Material: Crafted from the same material as the Plate and Katori, the Glass upholds the set's cohesive design and authenticity.
    • Purpose: The Glass, or Panchapatra, is used to hold water for purificatory rituals and to offer a symbolic gesture of hospitality and respect to the deity.

  • Spoon:

    • Design: The Spoon is designed with a comfortable handle and a delicate bowl, reflecting the attention to detail characteristic of the set. Its design may incorporate subtle Aum motifs or other decorative elements.
    • Material: Like the other components, the Spoon is crafted from the same material, ensuring a consistent look and feel.
    • Purpose: The Spoon is an essential tool used to distribute the Bhog Prasad offerings to the deity. Its presence facilitates the act of sharing and participating in the sacred ritual.

  • Size:
    • Weight: Approximately 70 grams
    • Material: Brass

    This beautifully crafted and harmoniously designed set is ideal for performing rituals and puja ceremonies, specifically dedicated to Lord Krishna (Kanha Thakur). The uniform dimensions and weights of each item ensure a cohesive and balanced appearance, while the use of brass adds a touch of tradition and authenticity to the set. The set's aesthetics and symbolism contribute to a spiritually enriching experience during the act of offering Bhog Prasad to the deity.

In summary, the Crafts of India Aum/Om Prasad Bhog Thali Set is a fusion of artistic craftsmanship and spiritual devotion. Each component of the set is intricately designed and thoughtfully created to enhance the experience of offering Bhog Prasad to the deity. The presence of the Aum symbol and the cohesive design elements reflect the profound spirituality and reverence embedded in Hindu rituals.

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