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Crafts of India

Crafts of India : 2 Pcs Kuber Diya Set for Diwali, Handmade Virgin Brass Oil Lamp for Deepawali Pooja, Vilakku for Puja, Deepawali Decoration

Crafts of India : 2 Pcs Kuber Diya Set for Diwali, Handmade Virgin Brass Oil Lamp for Deepawali Pooja, Vilakku for Puja, Deepawali Decoration

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2 Pcs Kuber Diya Set for Puja / Diwali / Navratri

The 2 Pcs Kuber Diya Set is a delightful and traditional craft from India, specially curated for the auspicious festival of Diwali. These handmade oil lamps are crafted from virgin brass, showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship. The set of 2 diyas is perfect for illuminating homes and prayer spaces with a warm and radiant light during the Festival of Lights, Diwali.


  • Material: The Kuber Diya Set is meticulously handcrafted using virgin brass, ensuring a premium finish and durability. Brass, a revered metal in Indian culture, adds to the charm and spiritual significance of these diyas, making them an essential part of Diwali celebrations.

  • Design: Each diya in the set features an elegant and unique design, reflecting the artistic talents of Indian craftsmen. The diyas are thoughtfully designed to be compact, portable, and visually appealing, making them suitable for various Diwali decorations and puja ceremonies.

  • Size: The 2 Pcs Kuber Diya Set described has the following dimensions and weight for each diya:
    • Diameter: 2.5 inches
    • Weight: 50 grams per piece

    Each diya in the set measures 2.5 inches in diameter, making them compact and easy to handle. With a weight of 50 grams per diya, they are lightweight and perfect for various decorations, religious rituals, and puja ceremonies during Diwali and other auspicious occasions. The use of virgin brass ensures a high-quality finish and durability, adding to the overall beauty and significance of these handcrafted diyas. 

  • Functionality: The Kuber diyas are designed to hold ghee or oil and a cotton wick, creating a steady and luminous flame. Symbolizing the deity Kuber, who is associated with wealth and prosperity in Hindu mythology, these diyas are believed to invite blessings and abundance into one's life.

  • Deepawali Pooja and Puja Vilakku: The 2 Pcs Kuber Diya Set holds great significance in Diwali celebrations and other auspicious occasions. These diyas are an integral part of religious rituals and pujas, infusing the festive environment with spiritual ambiance and divine blessings. They are also known as Puja Vilakku, meaning lamps used during worship.

  • Deepawali Decoration: Beyond their religious significance, the Kuber diyas serve as exquisite decorations during Diwali. Placing them at the entrance, on windowsills, or creating beautiful rangoli patterns around them elevates the festive spirit and adds a touch of traditional elegance to the celebrations.

Cultural Significance: Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is one of the most significant festivals in India, celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Lighting diyas during Diwali symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and the victory of good over evil. It is also a way of welcoming deities into one's home and seeking their blessings and protection.

Overall, the 2 Pcs Kuber Diya Set embodies the essence of Indian traditions and cultural heritage. Whether used for religious ceremonies, Diwali decorations, or as a thoughtful gift, these handcrafted brass diyas hold immense spiritual and cultural value, adding joy, prosperity, and a sense of unity to households and communities during the Festival of Lights.

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