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Crafts of India

Crafts of India Colorful Decorated Wooden Dandiya Stick 8pcs (4 Pair) Dandia Stick For Navratri Dandiya Garba Dance

Crafts of India Colorful Decorated Wooden Dandiya Stick 8pcs (4 Pair) Dandia Stick For Navratri Dandiya Garba Dance

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The "Crafts of India Colorful Decorated Wooden Dandiya Sticks" is a set of traditional dance props designed for the festive occasions of Navratri and Dandiya Garba dance, which are vibrant and energetic Indian folk dances. These dances are often performed during the Navratri festival, which is a nine-night celebration dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga.

 Crafts of India Colorful Decorated Wooden Dandiya Sticks (8pcs - 4 Pairs)

Description: This set of Dandiya sticks is a beautifully crafted and decorated accessory for participants of the Navratri and Dandiya Garba dances. The Dandiya sticks are traditionally used by dancers to rhythmically tap against each other while dancing in pairs. They add a dynamic visual element to the dance, creating a vibrant spectacle of color and movement.


  • Material: The Dandiya sticks are made from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Decoration: Each pair of Dandiya sticks is meticulously adorned with intricate and colorful designs. These decorations often include traditional Indian motifs, geometric patterns, and vibrant hues that capture the essence of the festival's celebratory spirit.

  • Size: The Dandiya sticks are designed to be of a comfortable and manageable length, allowing dancers to wield them with ease while performing intricate dance steps. 4 Pair (8 Sticks) of Traditional Indian Wooden Dandiya Sticks for Garba dance, Length: 14 Inch. Color Can Vary

  • Set of Four Pairs: The set includes a total of eight Dandiya sticks, organized into four pairs. This makes it convenient for dance groups or friends to participate together.

  • Festive Spirit: The vibrant and eye-catching Dandiya sticks not only enhance the dance performance but also contribute to the festive atmosphere of Navratri celebrations.

  • Usage: These Dandiya sticks are used during the Navratri festival and Dandiya Garba dance events. Participants hold a pair of sticks in each hand and strike them together rhythmically in time with the music. The clacking sound of the sticks adds to the energetic and joyful ambiance of the dance, creating an immersive experience for both dancers and spectators.

Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a newcomer to these traditional Indian dances, the "Crafts of India Colorful Decorated Wooden Dandiya Sticks" can elevate your experience, bringing authenticity and excitement to your Navratri celebrations.

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